Steel bending

Automatic bending machine (side members, construction elements).

TruBend 5130 provides the high efficient machining of parts. It ensures the same high quality of machined parts. A wide range of machined parts. Off-line programming. Maximum process reliability. Individualized processes. Blank extraction unit works parallel to the main processes, separates blanks and sends them to BendMaster.The rotary table of the extraction unit enables to produce up to 4 types of parts in a single operating process. The pallet conveyor enables to load blanks and unload finished parts without interrupting the bending process. With the fingers and its valve technology TruBend 5130 assures the machining of a wide range of parts from small to large size parts up to 100 kg. Full simulation of technological processes prevents production failures and mistakes. Time-tested ACB angle measuring system ensures stable angle accuracy. The backgauge system assures precise blank positioning and the same high quality of finished parts. Double blank detection and blank separation funstions guarantee reliable production.

TruBend 5130 (1) TruBend 5130 (22) TruBend 5130 (3)
Max. workpiece dimensions 3000mm х 1500mm
Profile 4000mm
Max. workpiece weight 100kg
Min. material thickness 0,7mm