Laser cutting

Automated shape laser cutting of the sheet metal up to 3000 mm.

TruLaser 3030 laser center with LiftMaster automated loading/unloading system represents modern technologies and laser high power together with the optimized control system.
One cutting block for the sheet metal of any thickness.
Overspeed and dynamics due to the linear drive technology.
Pallet replacement integral unit for the blank immediate replacement and minimum duration of improper use.
Ergonomic control panel with the graphic operating environment and sensor screen.
Due to LiftMaster automated system the high flexibility of using and wide range of automation functions are provided. LiftMaster includes both simple functions of loading and unloading and pallet circulation and parts extraction functions. The programming is carried out off-line. Higher ratio of the center usage due to fast loading and unloading. Standardized process of loading and unloading without any additional auxiliary facilities. The particular accuracy of the automated center location increases the whole system process reliability.

TruLazer 3030 (1) TruLazer 3030 (2) TruLazer 3030 (3)
Maximum thickness of the material being cut Structural steel – 12mm
High quality high-alloy steel – 6mm
Aluminum alloy – 4mm
Table size (“x” and “y”) 3000mm х 1500mm
“z” axis motion 115mm
Maximum synchronous axis velocity 140m/min
Laser power 2kW