Plasma cutting

3D robotic microplasma cutting machine

The multi-function robotic microplasma cutting machine based on the industrial robot FANUC with Hyperthem Powermax 85 plasma source the control system of which can be adapted to the control system of the robot.
This equipment with a high degree of control over the plasma cutting process enables to program the robot by using a personal computer (electronic product drawings transfer to cutting program ), the adjustment of cutting programs using a personal computer, the automated correction of cutting parameters (plasma source control) via robot control system and etc.
The robotic machine provides 3D microplasma cutting of large parts as well as sheet metal parts.

плазма (11) плазма (22)
Point-to-point accuracy ±0,07mm
Max. work piece dimensions (WхHхL) 2050mm х 900mm х 1900mm
Max. material thickness Structural steel -30mm, high-alloy steel – 25mm, Aluminum alloys – 20mm.