Coiled steel cutting

Blanking line made by an American manufacturer AUTOMATIC Feed Company provides straight, cross and shape cutting-out of sheets in coils.

Equipped with the washing machine, nineteen roller leveller and automatic sheet stacker.

The blanking line can be used in:

MACHINERY MANUFACTURING for straight, cross and shape cutting of different sorts metal.

AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY for automotive steel with high quality of surface, flatness and cutting accuracy.

Material Sheet steel, galvanized steel, automotive steel
Material thickness Min. – 0,5 mm (0.02”) /Max. – 2,6 mm (0.102”)
Material width Min. – 425 mm(16.7”) / Max. –1830 mm (72.00”)
Coil diameter: outter


Min. – 914 mm (36”) / Max. – 2100 mm (82.68”)

Min .– 508 mm (20”) / Max. – 610 mm(24”)

Coil weight 34 tons
Automatic sheet stacker stack WхHхL – 1830х610х4000 mm, weight– 13600 kg